Quotes from Reviews

"Small patches packing lots of punch. Simple, savvy, thought provoking and fun. Dealing with serious as well as common events and rites of passage in a woman's life. Inventive, creative use of badges and embroidery as a format for social commentary and artistic expression."
--Comments from panelists, 1998 artists fellowship, Colorado Council on the Arts

"Mary Yaeger was never a Girl Scout. But she's transformed merit badges, scouting's familiar embroidered patches, into lovingly detailed emblems of female experience."
--Ms. Magazine, March/April 1997

"Yaeger infuses a traditional women's art form, embroidery, with brash wit and feminist ferocity."
--Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento Bee

"Yaeger's 'Female Merit Badges' are an ironic fusion of 1990s feminism and an art form traditionally considered the domain of women."
--Thom Beal, Longmont Daily Times Call

"Mary Yaeger's work, showing in the Design Gallery, brings new power to the embroidered patch. With symbols of a woman's life, stitched in a 'woman's medium,' the images exist as texture, surface and color as well as myriad symbolic associations."
--Davis Enterprise

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