Measurements, 1997



hot flash

Hot Flash, 1998
The onset of menopause triggers our fears about aging.
I plan to do more patches on the subject in the near future.



Mastectomy scar, 1997
part of Breast Exam/Mastectomy



Femme Fatale (Barbie in her "Solo in the Spotlight costume), 1997



Haircurlers, 1996
part of Hairstyling, the patches in this group were recently in the
"Fashion Show" show at Rule Modern & Contemporary Gallery in Denver.
They currently represent my work.



Mascara, 1995
I consider this my first "real" patch about female rites of passage.
It's part of a group called Indicators of Femininity



Inserting a tampon, 1995
from Feminine Protection



high heel

High heel, 1996
part of Indicators of Femininity


Lipstick, 1995
part of
Lipstick, Powder & Paint



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